Corse Restaurant

Calvi Citadel at sunset.

Imagine a cozy restaurants by the sunny beach of azure blue sea. From the warm interior comes a quiet, romantic music and chatter. The waiter welcomes you and at the door step offers a glass of a perfectly chilled white wine.
Now imagine such place in Krakow. In the alley of the Poselska street, away from the hustle and bustle, but close enough to main square to feel the magical atmosphere of the Old Town. When you visit Krakow we invite you to a perfect place for family dinner, exquisite meal with your friends and a glass of fine wine or business meeting in quiet and unique Restaurant Corse. For over 20 years, this Corsican restaurant, was well recognized and has been proud of its reputation. Visit us and see for yourself the legend of “the piece of Corsica at Poselska street” that we create.
Let us take you on a culinary and cultural journey to the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Inspired by Corsica we have created a restaurant with an unique menu, where we pay great attention to serve fresh fish and seafood, as well as delicious meats. Our chef, for whom cooking is a true passion, has a great knowledge and experience of Corsican Cuisine, which allows him to constantly enrich and improve prepared dishes. We also wanted to capture the spirit of the Mediterranean town by the interior design. It all together allows our guests to rest from the city rush and enjoy the specialties of our restaurant. A romantic music in the background fosters conversations and we always make sure that you are provided with excellent service.
We will gladly organize for you tasting dinners, business meetings, banquets, family parties and catering.